about time Icarus Hadwell The Book of Fates

Icarus Hadwell – Chapters 11-13

Chapters 11-13 are available to be read on Inkshares!
Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Enjoy! Three more chapters next week! If we push the total of pre-orders past 75 I’ll publish 6 chapters next week! Happy reading! 🙂

about time Icarus Hadwell The Book of Fates

Icarus Hadwell – Chapter 4

New week. Time a new chapter.
Have you checked wittle Ickie out yet? He’s a bad sad little boy, but once he gets mad…

about time The Book of Fates

Icarus Hadwell & The Book of Fates – update

“One boy. Infinite possibility. An friendless teenage boy discovers his place in the multiverse, while those hoping to take his place search for him – and for the Book of Fates. What happens when worlds collide and the only thing standing between the mind of Dark Energy is one, small, lonely boy and one little book?”

I’m exploring crowdfunding, at the behest of some cheerleading friends, so. If you’re one of the three people who reads this and hasn’t check-check-checked it out… please go to:

Please remember that in order for the book to be published at least 250 pre-orders must take place. So…. um…. if you could…. you know… just… GIVE ME YOUR MONEY. NOW.
Thanks 🙂

about time Icarus Hadwell The Book of Fates

Icarus Hadwell & The Book of Fates – Chapters 1-3

After much deliberation and a modicum of frustration with the attempts at getting a publishing agent to notice, I’ve decided to release Icarus Hadwell & The Book of Fates – for free. I’ll post three new chapters here, every month. No signup required. No money necessary. Just download and enjoy. In January I will post the entire novel for sale on,, and If you’re reading along and decide that you like it, you love it, dear Tori you can’t get enough of it, please buy it and leave a review. Also – this is my dream and if you like what I’m doing, tell somebody about it. Thanks.

Icarus Hadwell & The Book of Fates 1-3

about time

Cordelia the Vampire Slayer – PILOT

I really wish I had someone to geek out with me over this. It could be so much fun to make this actually happen in a meaningful way. Even if it never has a chance of being made.

But, it’s got to be about putting it out there. So! Here’s the first ten pages of …

Cordelia the Vampire Slayer

about time

new life goal

I studied Television Writing for a breif, meth-soaked period at CUNY – Brooklyn College. I struggled with the notion of “putting out fires,” of trying to imagine how and what I would/could possibly write in terms of TV. Nothing ever stuck. The one show I wrote for class was quite awful, it was based on a short story of mine called “The Sordid Sex Life of Pickles” about an 80’s obsessed garment inspector who can only achieve orgasms by penetrating women with pickles. Obvi, this would have required HBO-like reflexes.
Just in case you were wondering, I’m posting the script below. It’s awful.
However. I have decided that if I ever DO get to write for television, if I ever realize this dream, the show I want to write is…
“Cordelia The Vampire Slayer” – a spinoff of Buffy, starring Cordelia as a “potential” who was granted Slayer status after the end of Buffy season 7.
Now…where to begin…

Inspector #4

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snappin’ yer turtle. again. ad infinitem. is back. obvi. yeah, i’m saying obvi, even though i’m nearly 40. i spent seven years in prison, during which time obvi and totes became things, so i’m totes allowed to use them as if they are both new and still hip. obvi.

this page will be my nominal attempt at blogging, mostly because now i can say to people I don’t meet at places I don’t go during events I don’t attend…

“just yesterday I put this hil-a-rious anecdote on my blog….”


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