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new life goal

I studied Television Writing for a breif, meth-soaked period at CUNY – Brooklyn College. I struggled with the notion of “putting out fires,” of trying to imagine how and what I would/could possibly write in terms of TV. Nothing ever stuck. The one show I wrote for class was quite awful, it was based on a short story of mine called “The Sordid Sex Life of Pickles” about an 80’s obsessed garment inspector who can only achieve orgasms by penetrating women with pickles. Obvi, this would have required HBO-like reflexes.
Just in case you were wondering, I’m posting the script below. It’s awful.
However. I have decided that if I ever DO get to write for television, if I ever realize this dream, the show I want to write is…
“Cordelia The Vampire Slayer” – a spinoff of Buffy, starring Cordelia as a “potential” who was granted Slayer status after the end of Buffy season 7.
Now…where to begin…

Inspector #4

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