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November 4, 2016

something new

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so. Portland is amazing. Learned (re-learned?) some valuable life lessons. Physical attraction is so 1997. It goes only so far. Annoying, cloying affection never feels good unless it’s mutual. Shocking that I needed to have that nugget re-affirmed. Trust Maya, people. When someones tells you who they are…
No one reads this stuff anyway, so I can say shit. Anne was right. To a degree. Dating is fucking stupid. Agendas. Needs. Compability. Complements. Being sweet with disdain in your heart…. Ready to move on to something new.
Maintaining my distance from social media.
Hiding from you all.
Exploring the world.
Trying to find out what my next move will be. Shall I be a writer? A graduate level geek? A lawyer? A working stiff with a cute house and a needy cat?
Who the fuck knows.
I’m gonna see jonatha brooke in a few weeks and try the mack again. We’ll see how it goes.
Until then, edit Press for the umpteenth time, knowing it’ll never get read.
Because I’m disconnected and middling in my talents. At best.
And perhaps I’ll learn to be OK with that.
How the FUCK does David Sedaris find the time?

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