June 8, 2020

what I’m on do

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About 12 years ago I had an idea about bail, because a franklet was in jail, and he was thinking. Today, a franklet free. She be voting. He be shopping. Also, he came up. Got a life and stuff. He thinking.Government will not fix where we at. But they should try anyway. No one gonna vote for me, so I’mma let them ladies do they thang and I trust they will. God busy. The oppressed ain’t got. But the rich… Bitch they on quarantine. With mimosas and streaming TVs. And toy poodles. How I know? Bitch, I’m rich.So here my solution. I ain’t jesus, so I won’t be no martyr, but I ain’t passing all my wealth down to my peoples. I’m gonna be what I am and what y’all made me. I’m gonna give half my money to random black people. Cuz a franklet straight up not guilty. Trust and believe.