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November 11, 2016

am I hard enough?

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as Trump ascends, I grapple. What does it mean to be an American? Is this the new struggle? Should there be violence in response? My initial inclination is, rather than violence and obstructionism, to let Trump be Trump. To let the Republicans fail after having given them the same freedom they denied President Obama. However, I am aware this will not teach the lesson they need, and they will accept any and all failures of their agenda as sabotage rather than intellectual deficit. So what to do? I have no idea.
Felix made a comment about Argentina receiving me, and I dreamed of it. How magical would that be? But I have things to do here in the US. And my heart is tilting towards something new. Plus I just bought house and joined the moneyed class of urban gentrification. How can I walk away from that? How indeed.
Sometimes I wonder if I am cold and soulless. Pathological maybe. Who knows. Perhaps I’m just being dramatic because I can.
I do know this: everyone who voted for Trump doesn’t hate me quite as much as I hate them.
That should change.

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