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November 1, 2015

about time

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  • so, um. Hey there, Jupiter. Are you gay? Are you blue? (12/6/2016) - I sang to the moon and there was you you sang bigger. not to the moons. “Hey Jupiter…” A false set to… like the tug of a giant on my icy equator heat the ocean beneath and I thought I would not have to hide from the pull of this riptide King of Planets versus […]
  • the struggle is reality (12/4/2016) - it’s been two months without social media. aside from random,unplanned interactions, of course. tonight I’m eating something awful my parents brought me from Trader Joe’s and re-watching Ghost World, while also trying to come up with this blog post. I mistakenly published a different post first… ugh for that. I never realized the first time […]
  • am I hard enough? (11/11/2016) - as Trump ascends, I grapple. What does it mean to be an American? Is this the new struggle? Should there be violence in response? My initial inclination is, rather than violence and obstructionism, to let Trump be Trump. To let the Republicans fail after having given them the same freedom they denied President Obama. However, […]
  • moments of grandeur (11/7/2016) - tomorrow will decide so much. I will get to vote again for the first time in ten years. #excitement. today I am thinking a lot about what it means to be patient in lust and love. to hold to memories and to want, but to wait. i am thinking about how i’m going to transition […]
  • something new (11/4/2016) - so. Portland is amazing. Learned (re-learned?) some valuable life lessons. Physical attraction is so 1997. It goes only so far. Annoying, cloying affection never feels good unless it’s mutual. Shocking that I needed to have that nugget re-affirmed. Trust Maya, people. When someones tells you who they are… Anyway. No one reads this stuff anyway, […]
  • response poetry, because i can’t hurt you again (8/31/2016) - I find crazy in the fractals those curves are smiles when they touch you turn them upside down and the shape is the same you find solace in the actual those nerves are dials when they spike you turn them way way down and the blame is an escape. if we found today it would […]
  • because sometimes you crush on the Internet. (8/27/2016) - because i always wished someone would say tell me “i get the cheapest thrill when you pop up in the feed” my fingers to see again think you’re the ugly one see it again everything is going on around you kid the only ugly thing is seeing it again and again with just my fingers […]
  • more love, please. (7/3/2016) - Learning that heartbreak is much like recovering from addiction has given me rays of hope. As with the mis-wired centers of reward and pleasure-seeking which led me to my relationship with Rocky the Salty Shard, understanding something of the process – that I need more love, attention, hugs, and support; rather than pain, what-ifs, obsessive […]
  • #theclimb (6/30/2016) - These things all mean so much it is all about the climb a search for words within the hash of tags and I go away to Westeros, to the Neck, my adjectives: dorky, chunky, aggressive, and needy of such things a knight is made a man of jealous rage given a weapon of photography against […]
  • the fever broke. (6/28/2016) - something in me broke yesterday. i shifted through the last stage of grief during a run perhaps, I am not quite sure. What I realized is the truth behind what everyone (even him) told me: I’m incredible. I’m worth more than being broken because he is. It doesn’t change how I feel, I still love […]
  • head above water. (6/21/2016) - *blink* smile *blink* finally slept well (thanks benadryl). woke up smiling. trying to game the length of time i’m supposed to allow myself to mourn, to honor what I’m being forced to walk away from, is such a thorny question. time to deal with other things. to go to grad school or not? what to […]
  • emptiness deferred. (6/20/2016) - another sleepless night. more gnashing of teeth and tossing in the bed. more protestations to an uncaring Internet. the ebb and flow of clarity, I suppose. all my talk of not believing in regret, seems rather like boasting now. at 130am. Alone. i keep trying to stoke this anger inside me, to develop this cinder […]
  • lust. in the marriage bed. (6/19/2016) - seventeen plus years ago I moved to NYC. with a North American nothing: $200, 3 weeks of clothes, and 1 friend. I slept on benches, squatted with strangers, sold my body, did drugs, went dancing, and met some people who are still with me today. I did eventually make NYC work, if in a roundabout, […]
  • hiding in plain sight (6/17/2016) - as my relationship unravels before my eyes, and I contemplate what it means to be told my love no longer loves me, that he is empty, I feel the need to regress to my old habit of blogging on here. where no one will ever see it. so here’s the short story: we met in […]
  • six word story: prison sex (6/17/2016) - “stand between the toilet and wall”
  • six word stories (6/17/2016) - In an effort to be my ineffable and lovely self, I’d decided to catalog my emotions in the craft of Hemingway-ish daily six word stories. on love: “Spanish for Dummies. You will learn!”
  • Hate (3/7/2016) - so I finally watched the movie “Room” this weekend. I loved it, but then again I loved the book. At times I was bothered by the prescience Jack as the narrator, but mostly I thought Emma Donoghue did an amazing job with a concept which could have been horrible and uncomfortable without any saving grace. […]
  • Icarus Hadwell – Chapters 11-13 (12/14/2015) - Chapters 11-13 are available to be read on Inkshares! Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Enjoy! Three more chapters next week! If we push the total of pre-orders past 75 I’ll publish 6 chapters next week! Happy reading! 🙂
  • Icarus Hadwell – Chapter 4 (12/3/2015) - New week. Time a new chapter. Have you checked wittle Ickie out yet? He’s a bad sad little boy, but once he gets mad…
  • Icarus Hadwell & The Book of Fates – update (11/28/2015) - “One boy. Infinite possibility. An friendless teenage boy discovers his place in the multiverse, while those hoping to take his place search for him – and for the Book of Fates. What happens when worlds collide and the only thing standing between the mind of Dark Energy is one, small, lonely boy and one little […]
  • Icarus Hadwell & The Book of Fates – Chapters 1-3 (11/21/2015) - After much deliberation and a modicum of frustration with the attempts at getting a publishing agent to notice, I’ve decided to release Icarus Hadwell & The Book of Fates – for free. I’ll post three new chapters here, every month. No signup required. No money necessary. Just download and enjoy. In January I will post […]
  • Cordelia the Vampire Slayer – PILOT (11/17/2015) - I really wish I had someone to geek out with me over this. It could be so much fun to make this actually happen in a meaningful way. Even if it never has a chance of being made. But, it’s got to be about putting it out there. So! Here’s the first ten pages of […]
  • new life goal (11/16/2015) - I studied Television Writing for a breif, meth-soaked period at CUNY – Brooklyn College. I struggled with the notion of “putting out fires,” of trying to imagine how and what I would/could possibly write in terms of TV. Nothing ever stuck. The one show I wrote for class was quite awful, it was based on […]
  • snappin’ yer turtle. again. ad infinitem. (11/14/2015) - is back. obvi. yeah, i’m saying obvi, even though i’m nearly 40. i spent seven years in prison, during which time obvi and totes became things, so i’m totes allowed to use them as if they are both new and still hip. obvi. this page will be my nominal attempt at blogging, mostly because […]

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