November 6, 2015

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Currently published novels…

 a YA  novel by franklet

The Willow Society
Taylor hacks. Winston steals. Izzy promotes. Myth builds. Lou fights.
Their school Willow Prep, isn’t safe.
Someone is after their talents.
How deep does the conspiracy go?
Who is really in command?
read on Inkitt @ The Willow Society, a YA novel – by franklet

Icarus Hadwell & The Book of Fates - a YA fantasy novel by franklet
Icarus Hadwell & The Book of Fates
Icarus Hadwell is a friendless teenage boy who likes to read fantasy novels, talk to himself, and play with action figures. He lives with his drunken stepfather and awful stepsister, neither of whom like him at all. What will happen when he discovers the Book of Fates and a new best friend? #IcarusHadwell
pre-order on Inkshares @ Icarus Hadwell & The Book Of Fates, a YA fantasy novel – by franklet
press - a novel by franklet
drugs. sex. NYC. sometimes people change. sometimes they wash into each other. sometimes they just get high and hide from the past.
A series of interconnected short stories about a few days in the orbit of a meth addict in NYC. #pressON.
read Press, a novel – by franklet
Social Networking for Demons - a novel by franklet
Social Networking for Demons
pos·sessed [puh-zest] adjective 1. spurred or moved by a strong feeling, madness, or a supernatural power (often followed by by, of, or with ) 2.self-possessed; poised.

The demon hunkered in the burning space which had once cosseted the Earth. It seethed. The good times fired within it and licked its lust to roaring fury. Faces and pain and the Sun and a tilted head. The demon remembered and it seethed. What had once been the Sun burned on, careless.
read Social Networking for Demons, a novel – by franklet

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